June 15, 2010

Interesting Ways To Murder Your Husband

This article is for all those wives who want to kill their husbands but don’t know how. It was sent to me by a very dear female friend. Just to prove how sporting we men are, I'm willing to share this funny and interesting methods to kill one's husband. So all ya women out there...enjoy!

Below are some really innovative and interesting ways to kill your husband.

Poison In Viagra-Innovative Method to Murder Your Husband-3

Probably the best method. Put a label of ‘Viagra’ on a bottle which contains ‘Poison’ or ‘Cyanide’. Men never read further than the main label on any bottle. Considering the psychological effect on men of even reading ‘Viagra’ on the bottle, chances are that he might even perform better in bed before dying. hehehe!

Death Pin In The Clock-Innovative Method to Murder Your Husband

This is the second best method in the list. Men never wake up when the alarm rings, they almost, always try to put it off. This poisoned injection should easily put the man off forever.

Dynamite In The Cigarette-Innovative Method to Murder Your Husband-5

This one is especially for husbands who smoke. Cheap, effective and bang! One round of bullet as soon as he lights up.

Innovative Method to Murder Your Husband

This one is for the Internet addict. Interesting Way To Murder Your Husband-1

Gruesome way…truly gruesome…but if you hate your husband that much then he deserves it probably.

Land Mine Under the Golf Ball-Innovative Method to Murder Your Husband-4

For the Golf Addict. So the next time you go out to play golf without telling your wife, then beware, ‘cos there could be just a land mine under your balls.

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