August 10, 2010

About Me- My Profile

My name ‘Jainesh’ means ‘The Victorious King’ or so I was told. Although it seems like such a typically Gujarati name, most of the people who think I am a Gujarati are…

…absolutely correct.

I am a Gujju by birth because I was born in a Gujju family. I have lived and was brought up in Bombay and ever since I was born my life has been full of drama.

The day I was born was also very dramatic since my mother was expecting a girl and I popped out with a little thingy attached to my body. She was surely disappointed. But you know who was the most disappointed? Me… You would be too, if you had to wear frocks and girly clothes for the first two years of your life. Ewwwk!

Speaking of drama, well, I guess drama is something that I have lived with for many years now.

I am married, you see.

Also, the fact that I have been a writer for more than 12 years, writing dramatic stories and screenplays for television, movies and plays in India, makes my life all the more interesting.

With all this experience of writing women centric stories, I think I know how to tackle that eternal question of ‘what women think’. Most of the times, I have the upper hand in arguments with my wife. She always agrees with me in the end when I say, ‘You’re right, honey.’ So there!

Anyway, let’s get to the real answers to the queries that might enter your wise head about what I have done for the last 11 years of my life.

Work I Have Done

Here’s the list of some television shows in India I have done over the years.

Name Of Show Description & Remarks Production House No. Of Episodes
Screenplay & Dialogue (Associate to Mohan Azaad- Screenplay writer of Chandni Bar) PNC 150
Piya Ka Ghar
(Zee TV)
Associate to Mohan Azaad for Dialogues. Shreya Creations 50
Kahin Toh Milenge
Story & Screenplay Balaji 125
Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat
Dialogues, Associate Screenplay
(1 Hour Episodes, 3 days a week)
Balaji 100
Kkusum  (Sony) Story & Screenplay (After 500 Episodes until near the end) Balaji 450
Kesar  (Star Plus) Story & Screenplay (Beginning) Balaji 50
Kahiin Toh Hoga(Star Plus) Story & Screenplay (The beginning of the show) Balaji 45
K Street Pali Hill(Star Plus) Story & Screenplay Balaji 150
Kasautii Zindagi Kay      (Star Plus) Story & Screenplay Balaji 250
Saara Akaash
(Star Plus)
Dialogue (1 Hour Episodes) Miditech 12
(Zee TV)
Story & Screenplay Cinevista 125
Vicky Ki Taxi
(Episodic Stories) Miditech 5
Mr & Mrs Mishra
(Episodic Stories- Story, Screenplay & Dialogue) ASP White Films 25


Some Movie Producers and Directors I have worked with in India.

Name Of Film Director Cast Release Date
A New Love Ishtory John Matthew Matthan
(T Series)
Himesh Reshammiya, Raqesh, Niharika Singh Shooting Complete
Hey Gujju Satish Kaushik
(Studio 18)
Himesh Reshammiya  
Untitled Abbas-Mustan   Scripting
Sifar Anil V. Kumar Shabir Ahluwalia Pre-Production
Harr September Vivek Singhania   Scripting


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