December 01, 2007

Ooh Aah Ouch!

Black eye boy

As expected, I got a major drubbing from a lot of my friends for making them read the assortment of my various reactionary, angsty and biased views on my blog.

But guys, you have to understand that I'm a human being and I need to vent out my thoughts and feelings and reactions (read frustrations) in some way. There are a lot of reasons for my erratic behavior. Here's naming a few:

I don't go around abusing people like the recovery agents of credit card banks, who rob me daily of my money, even though I don't use their card. (It's magic, you know. They always manage to have some over due amount in my account) In fact I recently paid a bank whose card I don't even have. But do I get wild? No way.

I don't go around bashing up auto-rickshaw drivers when they appear out of no where right in front of your vehicle exactly at the time you change the gear to speed up. No, I don't.

I don't unnecessarily get angry with people who invariably manage to rub me the wrong way. (No, I don't mean literally you pervert)

To tell you the truth, I have even become very patient with the missus at home, hardly raising my voice when she demands the nth number of time that I must put my things in order or leave my plate in the sink or put the wet towel for hanging rather than on the bed or for that matter help my daughter do her homework. She is only four and she has homework? God, give me a break. Imagine.

This is what I mean. How much suffering can a man take before he's called a man? (remember the Bob Dylan song?)
What does he do? does he stop drinking with the guys once in a while ?(I mean I rarely drink in the mornings)
Does he stop ogling at beautiful women? or does he stop thinking about quitting smoking? Does he stop promising himself to go to the Gym from tomorrow? or does he just stop snoring in the night? Come on, isn't all this asking for too much?

All these restrictions, all these compulsions, all these frustrations. Where does one take them out?
On the Blog.
Thank God for this internet and the blogging business.

So all you guys out there wanting to bash me up, please, relax and chill because I'm just a frustrated, intolerable guy who has nothing better to do with his frustrations and anger and time and so I write everything down on my blog.

By the way, Om Shanti Om is a great movie and I'm going to watch it again and again and again. and I loved Sawariyaa too and I know I'm going to just love Goal and Aaja Nachle and for that matter Munna Pandey Berozgaar. So there!

Ouch! (awright, stop hitting I'm sorry)


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