January 25, 2011

First Ever Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip

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Calvin & Hobbes created by Bill Watterson is my favourite comic book character of all time and many would be with me on this. I have a collection of a lot of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips collected over the years which I will share here with my readers as and when time permits. This below is probably the first ever Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. Enjoy this brilliant comic strip while I go transmogrify myself into some other world.

Calvin and Hobbes First ever comic Strip

First ever Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip

Bill watterson-creator of Calvin & hobbes

This is Bill Watterson- the creator of Calvin & Hobbes:

What sets Calvin and Hobbes apart is the immense identifiable character of Calvin.  Every person can identify the insecurities and torture that Calvin goes thru’ in life. His immense perspective on everything in the universe shows that the creator of Calvin And Hobbes, Watterson, has a brilliant imagination and sense of humor. The best part of Calvin & Hobbes is his parents. Classic! I think every Calvin & Hobbes fan will agree.

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Disclaimer: Calvin and Hobbes is copyright © Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate. Calvin and Hobbes are registered trademarks of Bill Watterson and Universal Press Syndicate. (Sorry Bill, I know I maybe trespassing some boundaries here but please please please let me share these, please, boohooowaahhhhh)


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