March 24, 2010

Are You An Internet Addict?

the dogs world wide web        
Yes, one can get addicted to the internet. I’m almost on the verge of become a victim of internet addiction. So those who believe that addictions are only of things which throw out smoke or ruin your livers, think again. Internet has become the new vice of the techno savvy younger generation who probably cannot even breathe without being connected to the www. Times, they are a changing and don’t be surprised if you see a new rehab centre for treating internet addiction springing up in your neighborhood. Want what these internet addicts look like? Take a look.
Just click on the pics to view larger versions of the photos.
addicted to the internet parents solution to get their son off the internet
addicted to the internet_2 addicted to the internet_4
internet addicts offline addicted to the internet_3
hordes of people on the internet man in hospital addicted to internet
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