January 12, 2011

My First Post- Wednesday 29th November 2006

Jai Ho!

This is how I first started blogging on www.jainesh-thewritething.blogspot.com. This was way back in 2006. Whew! Long time... Of course, I have become quite net-savvy after that with many more blogs and writing work happening in life. This blog is intended to pour out my personal perspective on various aspects of life and places in general. Will also try to chronicle my experiences with writing for films and television in India and abroad, although I prefer calling myself a story-teller rather than a writer. Feel free to comment and criticize. Thank you.
This below, is my first lazy post on a blog:

"Well, this is a first... definitely a first. I mean what do you do when you create a blog? What is a blog anyway? The first time I heard it, I thought it was some kind of fog, which gathers on the hilly regions, which blocks traffic on the highways, hence B for block and F for, oh forget it. I know I'm not very computer/net savvy, but I can type, hence I can write... but what do people like to read? Well, the first thing that I learned was that people like to read something that is written. So here it is- The Write Thing. Not bad for beginners, eh? To be continued..."


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