February 09, 2011

Writer’s Block- Calvin & Hobbes

This is one of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes comic strips of all time. It makes me laugh out loud because of the amazing connect it has with any person who is creative and works on a deadline.
Anybody who is a writer has suffered from Writer’s block at some point of time in his/her life. Some are frustrated, some are chilled out, some are suicidal and still some are destructive during this phase in their lives. For me, writer’s block is like the premenstrual syndrome in women. It has to happen once every month or else there is some problem.
Many writers have suggested many ways and methods to conquer writer’s block. Even I have an article on this blog about how I conquer writer’s block in five easy steps.
Viewing this comic strip above suggests the process of creating humor by the creator of Calvin & Hobbes- Bill Watterson. I’m sure he was blocked big time when he thought of this. Hahaha.
Way to go Bill…

Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip- Writer’s Block

Calvin and hobbes writers block comic strip
I would love to know other Calvin & Hobbes’ fans views about this comic strip. So please feel free and write your views in the comments section below. Thank you.
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