October 16, 2007

Word Weary!

Well, let's not get into how much time it has been and what to write and all that. It doesn't make any difference whatsoever to anyone in the world why I don't update my blog or for that matter even if my blog exists or not, even.
It's only words for God's sake. Words which have a world of their own, which mean one thing for some and becomes something absolutely different for another.
What a world it is of words and language. Different countries, different people, different languages, different words. And what an amazingly different effect it has on different people. Words that can inspire a nation to a revolution can be totally incoherent and gibberish for another. Words that creates a language, can mean nothing for a deaf and dumb person. Words, which when put into music can soothe a nerve, can at the same time command a war. Words, which when used in a story can entertain, can actually be inconsequential when a painter splatters paint on a canvas and still entertain.
But words, sometimes abstract, sometimes inspiring, sometimes lyrical are quintessentially incommensurable.
Yes, words have an indefatigable influence on a human being's mind when put into sentences. Sentences, which a writer concocts out of thoughts which I have realized are not necessarily of the same language. The thoughts have more to do with visuals than words. It is after the visual is seen that the words are formed in a human's mind.
Oh, what a terrifyingly believable thought this is! Of course, there is no written truth to this statement. Like I said, a writer can just concoct a sentence into being and the words, though mean something individually, can manifest into a wonderfully refreshing thought in the form of a sentence.
The painstaking effort it must have taken our ancestors to create language is something which I have never quite been able to fathom for the simple reason that we as humans do not really need language to communicate. This was evident when I recently visited Jakarta in Indonesia. No language, no problem. Of course, my 'dumb-charade' skills have improved manifold during my brief stay there.

Anyway, So this is it. I have tried, like many other writers before me to convincingly try to lead you to read one of my pages where I jot down words and make sentences which may or may not have any meaning, or have any bearing on your life as a human being. All it could probably do is borrow some of your time which you could have easily spent reading something meaningful like the newspaper with the headlines of a bomb blast or maybe some magazine with details of the second dish that Aishwarya Rai has made for Abhishek after marriage or for that matter even a forwarded mail sent by your 'best' friend urging you never to ever eat or drink or breath or trust anything made of molecules on this planet, or...well, haven't you had enough already? That's like more than five hundred words and that's a lot of money if I would have been a celebrity columnist, you know?

Word's Worth it!


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